Prima Marina in Moundsville, West Virginia

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection in Marion

Trinity United Methodist - Huxley, Iowa

Paradigm LED, LLC, was approached by, Trinity United Methodist church in Huxley Iowa, about rebuilding their sound system. After several conversations, budgetary considerations, and plan modifications we settled on providing 1 center speaker and a rack mounted mixer. Due to the shape and size of the sanctuary Tectonic Audio Labs proved to be the perfect solution. We replaced the center cluster with 1 Tectonic Audio Labs DML 500. We specified an Allen & Heath Heath QU-PAC rack mount digital console due to its easy learning curve and space requirements. Their existing power conditioner, wireless receivers, and the console were mounted into a low profile rack case. Due to budgetary restrictions we repurposed the QSC RMX 1450 amplifier from the old system. As another cost saving measure we were able to reuse the speaker drive lines so we didn't need to run new cabling. The new setup looks smart, sounds great, and is easy to use.

Springs of Life Foursquare Church - Cedar Rapids, IA

Springs of Life Foursquare Church in Cedar Rapids has a new display in the Lobby!

Social distancing guidelines have necessitated holding some classes in the lobby. The 70" TV had been purchased to show song lyrics during early live stream services and was able to be repurposed as a lobby display. This new setup can show live video content from the main sanctuary, or teachers can plug an HDMI device into the wall plate to display classroom material locally.